Are Interactive Dog Toys Better? Best Puppy Toys And Chew Toys

Types of Dog Toys

Into every life some fun should fall, and dogs are no exception. And in truth, buying dog toys for your dog will offer benefits beyond plain and simple fun. Toys help to keep your dog active mentally as well as physically, and channel excess energy away from destructive behavior patterns. Some toys can even promote dental health.

These are some of the most popular types of dog toys:

Food-Dispensing Toys. A toy that’s fun to play with AND contains a tasty treat – what could be better! Kong’s are probably the most popular example of this toy category.

Tug Toys. There’s probably not a dog alive that doesn’t love a good game of tug-of-war. Careful, though, in how you play tug with your dog. Playing the game without rules and boundaries can lead to increased aggression with some dogs. But approached properly, tug games can be great fun for both people and pets.

Fetch toys. No need to have your dog chasing after a plain old stick when there are so many wonderfully fun alternatives like Frisbee’s and fetch balls. Be sure to buy fetch toys made of soft plastic; hard plastic may do dental damage. And while dogs love to fetch tennis balls, buy a brand that’s made specifically for dogs and not for the tennis court. The covering of ‘actual’ tennis balls can abrade the enamel of your dog’s teeth.

Chew toys. Great for solo fun; a good chew toy can keep your dog contentedly occupied for hours. Keep an eye out, though, even if you’re busy with other things while your dog is chewing away. You want to be sure that your dog doesn’t ingest any large pieces. As a rule of thumb, avoid chew toys that are made of indigestible materials. And very hard chews can cause dental damage.

dog toys

(Test a chew toy by banging it against your knee. If it hurts, it’s too hard for your dog’s mouth.)

ALL THE COMFORTS OF HOME. Your home is made a warm, cozy, comforting environment by having all the things you need and love at hand. The same will be true for your dog.

Take some care in shopping for the things your dog will need and love, and you’ll help to make your home a warm, cozy, and comforting environment for your dog. It’ll be home sweet home, both for you and your new best friend.


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